Pamoja Dance Group holds weekly open outreach workshops for Disabled and Non disabled dancers in the studio space of the Kenya Conservatoire of Music - Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi.  Each 2-hour workshop includes technical and physical training as well as creative work.

Given that 80% of the People With Disabilities (PWD's) living in Kenya live in rural areas, expanding the outreach program is an important step that must be made. In many traditional cultures, people often PWD's as a burden and unable to contribute to society. Pamoja feels that these misconceptions can be challenged through dance to help initiate a change in the way people view disability.


  1. BulletTo introduce the broader population in Kenya to Pamoja's mission and performances.

  2. BulletTo inspire and motivate PWD's who live in rural areas to access different services that can offer them support to medical, educational, training and employment opportunities.

  3. BulletTo build networks of PWD organizations so that the disability movement can be strengthened at local and regional levels.

  4. BulletTo challenge the local, regional and national decision makers and policy makers in Kenya to initiate changes to make the country more disability - friendly.



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