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  1. BulletRaise awareness of disabled issues prevalent in society

  1. BulletTo provide a forum for discussion of society's development from a disabled persons perspective.

  1. BulletTo support the government of Kenya's commitment to implementing the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disability which was ratified in 2008.

  1. BulletTo provide a creative outlet for people with disabilities to communicate issues that are important to them.

  1. BulletTo challenge people to see the contribution that people with disabilities can make in performing arts and the wider society at large.

Pamoja Dance Group - a mixed and inclusive group is a program intended to provide real integration of dancers with and without disability into the arts community and most important into society at large.

Based in Nairobi Kenya, Pamoja Dance Group is a unique group working with a new form of integration through artistic creation, as dancers with and without physical disability come together to share creative work in an open and inclusive environment.

Miriam Rother is the founding artistic director of Pamoja Dance Group. She lived in Kenya until March 2008. When she left, she handed over to Joseph Kanyenje, who is the current artistic director.